Summary Of Pain Relief Through Photography

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The manner in which scientific research is presented to experts and the general public primarily differs as a result of different objectives. In Dr. Master’s article “Pain Relief Through Photography”, she investigates the capacity at which viewing a photograph of one’s significant other can reduce pain. While scientists such as Dr. Master write to effectively communicate the methods they took to conduct their research and discuss the implications of the results they found, reporters such as Ms. Rabin write to garner interest and illustrate the “highlights” of the study. Both authors employ differing rhetorical strategies, tones, and vocabulary to achieve their objectives. In Dr. Master’s article, it’s evident she is tailoring her argument for an audience with experience in her field through her use of descriptive language, specific terminology, scientific formatting. While in Rabin’s article she approaches her audience by employing a colloquial tone, punchy writing style, and providing practical applications of the research.
The differences in each author’s approach to their respective audiences are immediately apparent from their varying titles. Dr. Master titles her article “A Picture’s Worth, Partner Photographs Reduce Experimentally Induced Pain” which is significantly different from Ms. Rabin’s title “Pain Relief Through Photography” While in Dr. Master’s title she uses specific wording and field-specific terminology, Ms. Rabin uses generalizing terms which
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