Summary Of Patrick Henry Speaks Against Ratification Of The Constitution

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According to the passage, “Patrick Henry Speaks Against Ratification of the Constitution (1788)”, “Patrick Henry, the noted Virginia delegate to the Constitutional Convention, opposed a federal form of government in the United States.” He was a major key during the late 1700’s. He helped to lead many people in the right direction. He believed that the citizens of the country were good, and he also believed that they were happy. After a meeting in Philadelphia, that all came to an end according to Patrick Henry. In the article stated above it says, “Before the meeting of the late federal Convention at Philadelphia, a general peace and a universal tranquillity prevailed in this country; but, since that period, they are exceedingly uneasy and disquieted.” That one meeting turned the entire town in a different direction. The spirit of the community was instilled in the young and old to bring everyone back together. According to the passage, “James Madison Defends the Constitution (1788)”, “The Constitutional debates between Federalists and Anti-Federalists were often heated. Here, James Madison responds to Patrick Henry’s concerns about the power of the federal government to directly tax the people.” James Madison wanted to directly tax the people of the country, but Patrick Henry was not going down without fight to hopefully end it. They also did not agree on the procedure to change the things in the Constitution. Madison thought that each state should just get one vote, but

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