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Amy Lowell was a leader of the Imagists movement. She was influenced by John Keats and gathered a selection of his works. Lowell began to write after her brothers published books of their own, but she focused on poetry. The detail in Lowell’s poetry related to describing and environment or a person could help the reader better understand what is happening in the poem and include the reader as if they were actually there experiencing what the narrator or speaker is experiencing. Her choices develop a bigger picture than what the poem is actually saying. Amy Lowell helped to change the thought process when reading poetry. Amy Lowell’s “Patterns” is a very good example of imagery being used to draw the reader’s attention. This poem is filled with so many bright and vivid colors and different moods that it attracts the reader. Each stanza shows a different scene or a different moment in the same area and exuding different emotions to share that moment and feeling. The first two stanzas and the last three stanzas are in the present, while the third and fourth stanzas are flashbacks or memories she is having as she remembers her lost lover. The title “Patterns” refers to the gown that the speaker is wearing, the different flowers in the garden, the paths that are in the garden, and the war that the speaker mentions towards the end of the poem. In the first stanza, the speaker is walking through the garden and she notices the wind blowing on the flowers causing them to move or sway. She continues walking through the garden in her stiff but beautifully embroidered gown. She has white hair and a fan embellished with jewels. She states that she has a unique design. The mood in this stanza seems calm or content but a little uncomfortable. The second stanza she is still walking along the path in the garden and her train is dragging on the ground behind her covering the path and the plants along the sides. Her ensemble is currently “in style” and so are her shoes. She only shows confidence while wearing her corset and gown. She slowly takes a seat under the lime tree, although the corset makes it difficult and uncomfortable to sit, she sits anyway. She watches the flowers swing in the breeze wanting to be able to do

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