Summary Of Paul David Tripp's Dangerous Calling

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A church is a house of worship where Christians gather to worship and offer sacrifices. Though all churches have a core function to serve God, they have different doctrines and ways of worship this, therefore, leads to a difference in preference of the believers as to which church to go to and to move away. For a church to stand, it has various things that it should practice. Many authors have different views concerning the same. This work is hence going to give a report on how to keep the church standing by different authors. The biblical counselor Paul David Tripp in his book Dangerous Calling addresses the challenges and temptations that are exclusive to or intensified by pastoral ministry. In his counseling ministry, Tripp has seen all, too much proof of an actual collapse in…show more content…
They require the back-up of members of the church; it is, therefore, a necessity that whoever is called to accomplish a certain task in the ministry should adhere to it so that everyone has the role to play. It requires prayers and nurturing of talents such as singing. The church should hence be equipped with instruments so and youths be trained in their operations such that pastoral ministry and other young ministries in a church are brought together through various functions to do missions. Stetzer and Dodson in their book Comeback Churches where they found out that a church grows exponentially at its beginning, it then enters a plateau stage and finally it begins to decline. It shows that there is an increasing trend of the un-churched people. The book Comeback Churches outlines the measures that the churches at a plateau stage should put in place so that they begin to grow again and never decline. The book identifies five important tools to rejuvenate the church, intentional evangelism, vibrant faith, leadership, lay ministry and celebrating but orderly worship (Stetzer and Mike

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