Summary Of Penelope Landlow's Hold Me Like A Breath

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They Said She Couldn't. So She Did

There are two families in Penelope Landlow’s life. The Family, which is an illegal business run by her father that sells organs on the black market, and her family, who are scared to even let her leave the property in fear of losing their precious daughter. It is dangerous enough for a normal child, like Penny’s brother, Carter, to go out into the public when the FBI are against him, but for Penny, going out into the real world would be walking to her death. Her rare blood disorder leaves Penny at the mercy of bruises, appearing because of anything from a too tight hug to a sharp corner. While the world is deemed too dangerous for her by her parents, Penelope still dreams of going to New York City. After years of waiting, Penelope finally attains what she wants--just not the way she wants it. When tragedy strikes the Landlow family, Penny has no choice but to flee to New York. There, she discovers the truth to her family's murder, reveals secrets that could change her life’s path, and falls in love. Tiffany Schmidt writes about Pennyś brave journeys, her strongest moments, and her greatest faults in Hold Me Like a Breath. While Penny is fragile, sometimes her bravery and determination make up for that in her difficult life. “There are far too many needles in my life. Far, far too many bruises” (Schmidt 4). Because of a rare blood disorder allowing Penny to bruise easily, she is considered too fragile to lead the Family business, or

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