Summary Of Persuasion By Nicholas Carr

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In 2008, Nicholas Carr wrote a very profound article explaining how the internet that everyone has believed to be a useful tool in society and something to help us learn and grow, was actually making us less intelligent. On the first page of the article he starts to explain his own personal tribulations that the internet has caused him, like how his attention span was lessened by the immediate access of the internet. The reason his attention span was dwindling was because of the readily quick information on the internet that is easily accessible by the click of a button. Reading from the internet has caused him to scan things to get the gist of what the article is actually saying that he is reading. He talked to many others and he realized…show more content…
For instance, just in the first paragraph he talks about a scene from a movie, that back then, most people would have seen and have been able to relate to it. And then he used that exact scene that everyone knew, and he related it directly into the point he made about how he could feel his brain being dumbed down by the influence of the internet. Another effective type of persuasion he used was the testimonies of others on how they feel the same way and how the same things have been happening to them. Like when he was stating that it was harder for him to concentrate, he was not the only one with this problem, he showed how other distinguished people had the same exact problem and It prompts the reader to see if they have this problem as well. That path of persuasion was very effective. Overall, Nicholas Carr did a great job at being effective and persuading the…show more content…
But that is not correct. What is correct is that the internet has changed the way people think and retain information, and that change is for the better. He talks about in his article how distinguished people thought that the printing press would change how people thought, and it would not be a good thing, they thought it would make them intellectually lazy, but looking back on it, it changed the way people think and it was for the better. While the internet is changing the way people think, this change in the thought process is not making anyone more stupid
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