Summary Of Peyton's Poem

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peyton has this girl that he loves but not only is it a girl she has a penis witch makes it even better her names is bella machalk she has the biggest penis out of any of his friends, not only is her penis the size of chris she has a vagina that holds more meat then every single fuckin arbys in america. so one day peyton decided to go over to her house becuase he got the booty call as he told his groos faggot of a friend chris, peyton knew that right when he got that call he was gonna get some good dick in his nice tight sexy lubed ass hole. he got to her house and right when he walked into the house he knew that he was gonna get some hardcore fuck. he walked in on her and she was already naked but the best part was that both of her parents where in the room too, he didnt even get into the bed and get him own penis out to jizz, he jizzed right in his pants but thats no worry becuase he loved the feeling of jizzing and cumming on himself as he did it…show more content…
but he came up to bella and he started to suck her big fucking 18 inch cock he knew how much power it held so he was carful on how much he sucked becuase once he hears her say the words "here it comes" in her beaner accent or more as "Aquí viene" he knew that if he dosnt stop sucking it will have the power force of a 22 magnum. he sucked and he sucked until his little body coudlnt suck anymore and she finally said the words "Aquí viene Aquí viene" he pulled away and she shot her load all over the room peyton said that is was like watching the fire works on fourth of july and it was just a beautiful. peyton had to take a break for a little bit so he played a quick game of hearts of faggot 4 and then carried on to round 2 AKA the meaty vagina. so peyton knew that his dick was no match for hers but he had to use
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