Summary Of Phoenix Arizona, Petsmart Essay

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Headquartered in Phoenix Arizona, PetSmart was founded in 1986 by Jim and Janice Dougherty and employs approximately fifty-three thousand employees with an estimated seven billion dollars in annual revenue (Forbes, 2016). Although an immense amount of money, consider Danielle Kurtzleben’s (2013) U.S. News article title which affirmed “Americans spend over $60 billion annually on their pets” (para 1). In other words, PetSmart has cornered a little less than thirteen percent of the American market. Interestingly, even an additional one percent gain in the overall market equates to millions of dollars. Additionally, to determine what the consuming public spend all this money on, one need look no further than the Worldwide Web for a product overview of PetSmart. Epstein (2016) reported, PetSmart, sells “... birds, guinea pigs, mice, turtles, lizards, and supplies for these and just about every other animal, excluding elephants, otters, walruses, panthers, and perhaps a few others” (para. 1). Also, during a recent visit to PetSmart where I purchased another fancy koi for a backyard pond, I discovered that along with the assortment of pets and supplies they offer for sale, they also provide pet grooming services and veterinary care. Personally, I was astonished at the variety of aquariums, lighting, and pets to name only a few of the items that were available for the adamant and casual animal lover. Even Forbes (2016) recognized, “PetSmart sells pet food and pet supplies
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