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John Hughes Mr. Lace Senior Theology Honors 18 November 2011 Mr. Lace Trimester Final Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, A. North Whitehead, Monsignor Luigi Guissani, and Charles Hartshorne have contributed significant bits of Theology as the Roman Catholic Church, perhaps a century late, has finally come to a difficult crossroads about the creation of the world: Should the Vatican alter (no pun intended) modify Church Dogmas, which are infallible snippets of doctrinal teaching, or ignore rapid scientific finds that have eroded the Church’s belief that God created one man and one woman. These men, who study Theology, Physics, Theology, and Philosophy, respectively, provide scientific basis on why the Catholic Church must adapt a Theology…show more content…
Unfortunately, there is no proof for the alleged Creator. It is important, however, to acknowledge that Science has not disproved God either. Science has further discounted the Church’s teaching that Adam and Eve existed with artifacts of animals, many of which have human characteristics, existing thousands of years before the appearance of the human form society knows today. Science has discovered that humans share approximately ninety seven percent of the same DNA with chimpanzees, and that humans have one less chromosome than monkeys. Charles Darwin, a nineteenth century English naturalist, developed a controversial peace that challenged the established theories of how humans developed, which until his time, remained based heavily on the Christian Churches. His Theory of Evolution, and the Roman Catholic Church’s response (or lack thereof) to the theory has brought increased criticism from liberal theologians and scientists alike about whether or not the Church is serious about evolution and science in general. This comes as an admittedly liberal organization, National Public Radio, released an article that detailed how “At Johns Hopkins University, research suggests that chemicals that act on the serotonin system trigger mystical experiences that are life-altering. Serotonin is a chemical messenger that helps regulate mood and sleep.” (NPR) Consequently, some scientists now claim that the evidence is “scientific fact” that

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