Summary Of ' Playing Until Death '

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“Playing Until Death” 3…2...1 “tag you’re it”; my sister Stephanie, said. “No you’re it”; I said. We were all happy because we all were waiting for our uncle to come. We haven’t seen him in 8 years. When we were playing outside we were talking about how great it was that our uncle was coming here to “El Norte” like all Hispanics say it when they leave their homeland to come and search for “The American Dream”. See I come from a big family my father came to this country from Honduras, alone with no money crossing all Central America, Mexico and parts of this country. He faced all kinds of struggles. Life for him hasn’t been easy at all. Since he was a child he has worked so hard. In his homeland he never had much food and sometimes he never ate because he had six younger siblings to take care of and they always came first. Frankly, I believe I inherited the same qualities from my father because I’m the oldest sister of the family and I have to take responsibilities for my siblings which sometimes It frustrates me since I’m the first born I get no help from my parents, because they are suffering from culture shock. Eventually it makes me cry because I face new things and I get worried if I’m not doing the right thing, I never want to let my family down because I want to provide for them as they provide for me. I often wonder why God picked me to be the oldest. We haven’t seen our uncle since we’ve been to my father’s homeland and my father saw him when he was nine years
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