Summary Of Pocahontas And John Smith

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After the colony of Jamestown was developed in the year 1607, in Virginia, a native princess by the name of Pocahontas risked her life to save John Smith from death. This proposed romance that was suggested between the two gave reasoning behind the peaceful partnership that the English colonist had with the Native locals that were already habitants of the land. This seemed like the more plausible story that would lead to urban legends of Pocahontas and John Smith that many know today. However, many historians have notice the insufficient and unexplainable details that do not add up in this American folklore. In order to accurately address how this American folktale contributed to American beliefs and identity, this paper will not only…show more content…
Furthermore, the relationship that was seen between the Algoquins and the English settlers was not hateful and violent in the initial meeting. Though there were a few incidents and disputes that led to occasional violence, it was not an everyday act of violence against one another that occurred between the two. However, the Disnery version that was released in 1995, portrayed the English colonist and the Algoquins immediately using violence against one another, and breaking out in this all out war. Thus, in reality this was not the case. Powhatan was a smart man that saw the English colonist as individuals who were not there temporarily in order to attain resources, but they were English colonist who wanted to make a permanent resident in Virginia. He saw that if he kept them dependent on the Native locals, there wouldn’t be a big need to fight over land. Powhatan saw that if his tribe had meaning, there would a need for friendship or partnership so that both parties could be happy. In the year 1614, a man named John Rolfe, who is more famously known for cultivated tobacco, married Pocahontas. Not only was this marriage more credible than the seemingly fabricated romance between John Smith and Pocahontas, it also provided a better reasoning behind the partnership between the Algoquins and the English settlers. This provided a more historic reasoning that had validity of how the Algonquins and the English
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