Summary Of Population By Clay Bennett

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Some say a picture can be worth a thousand words, this can be true if you really want it to. Clay Bennett created an image that included a stork carrying multiple babies in the air. This image was used in a publication for the Christian Science Monitor and it has a greater significance than the usual meaning of those two objects. Storks are most commonly known for delivering children to their parents. Although this is true, it is not the real meaning of this image. This stork is carrying multiple babies and appears to be struggling to hold them. The blankets that are covering the babies spell out the word “population” and the word “resources” is placed on the bird's body. Many elements like design and who it was created for are used to establish the author's argument. The purpose of this image is to show how our gigantic population is straining our resources. …show more content…

In the image, the focal point is the stork carrying the babies. This is enhanced by the background because it is a simple color and nothing else is happening. Details like the storks eyes and it’s feathers falling out, help show that the bird is struggling to carry all the babies. Each baby is a different skin tone, this doesn’t have much impact on the meaning of the image, but it could be a key detail. Population is written in red which points your attention to it and puts more emphasis on the problem. Resources is written in black and is very small, this shows how there isn’t very many left. Everything in this picture is there for a reason and helps the argument it is trying to

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