Summary Of Princess Nokia's 'Brujas'

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The Craft

Princess Nokia stated in Brujas “I’m a black Native American I vanquish all evil.” She did this to carve out a space for her native identity. “Contending that “in every way the process of Western Civilization commits genocide toward all living things” militant Indian rhetors blatantly reject assimilation into white society, advocating instead a return to traditional tribal values” (Lake 732 1983). She did this by embracing her native religion of witchcraft. Furthermore, she emphasized that a return to traditional witchcraft would better society. She did this by recreating The Craft in her music video.
The most obvious recreation was that of the forest scene of The Craft. She altered the perspective of the coven though the way that the knife was portrayed. In The Craft the knife was represented as a killing instrument. The women were asked if they had any fear to rush upon the blade rather than join the coven. In their perspective only strong witches would be allowed into the coven. Princess Nokia’s altered that the meaning of the knife to be seen as honor. The blade moves from shoulder to shoulder as if dubbing them into a new title. She did this in order to change emotion and persuaded the viewer to look at this ritual in a different way. It shifted the perception of being in a coven as something dangerous to something that builds power and community. She also stated “I aint no queen of the night I’m a bruja I’m a bruja and ima dress in all white.” This was said

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