Summary Of Racism In 'White Rage'

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Racism has become more and more outraged throughout the years, to where it has divided our country. It’s made us fear our authorities, our neighbors, and ‘brothers’. The excerpt in “The Fire This Time”, titled “White Rage” by Carol Anderson, shows the progress that hasn’t been made because of white rage. Racism is not a fresh topic, it has been around since the times of slavery, only now has it been ignited and is now more of a threat than anything else in this country. The new subtle form of racism should not be accepted in society because it is barbarous, immoral, and discriminatory. “White Rage,” isn’t about African Americans rebelling against authorities or trying to make a point by doing things to get them into trouble, it’s about Caucasians and their fear of progressing and change. Anderson uses multiple court cases dating back all the way to 1876, United States v. Cruikshank, to show cruelty and unfairness African Americans deal with daily. Anderson uses the court cases to show that the racism issues and rebellion is not due to African American’s not feeling oppressed, but rather than Caucasians feeling fear towards the progression of African American’s and their abilities to change America. Anderson points out the lack of hope in American during this century with the election of Obama. Many people were skeptical about Obama becoming president because he was the very first African American president that America had. Some people were doubtful of the abilities that Obama had because of his race. Anderson makes a point with including just a few of countless court cases involving crucial topics that changed America forever, she also shows us with the election of Obama. Her point is to show that in America the problems including race get solved, only for something like the situation before being sparked up again. She shows that there hasn’t been any real progress in America since the times of slavery and the same issues keep arising and it’s not because of black rage, but instead white rage. Anderson points out the barbarous, immorality, and discriminatory actions white people have against black people. Through recurring white rage situations that haven’t been solved yet. According to Anderson,
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