Summary Of Ray Bradbury's 'The Lottery'

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Genre Studies Journal--Sci Fi or Gothic Literature

CHOOSE ONE OF THE FOLLOWING: Ray Bradbury’s The Veldt (on GC), There Will Come Soft Rains (in textbook page 329), OR Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” (on GC)

Directions: First, you will complete a thorough summary of the text [remember that summaries include relevant information from beginning, middle, and end of text].

For the journal portion, the focus is on the writer’s technique and craft. Your entries should examine the authorial choices made in the text through a lens of reflection, critique, and reader impact. These entries should be thoughtful and well-developed, showcasing an understanding of how craft influences meaning. I’ve done an example for you below.

Summary of the Text (approx 150 words):

The Lottery by Shirley Jackson starts off in a small town, and with a population less than 400 people. Small towns make the lottery a lot quicker compared to other towns who have a few days to finish the lottery, because everyone has to draw. Lottery day starts off with the children collected the stanes first, like Bobby and Harry Jones and Dickey Delacroix gathered stones that were very smooth and round. The men were next and they would glance over at the children and they would crack jokes beneath their breath. Women were last and after, they would go and stand together with their family waiting. With all the time Mr. Summers has, it has led him to manage the lottery. He brings a black box with folded papers, mostly
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