Summary Of Ray Bradbury's 'Titled'

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Simile: ...the body as thin as a praying mantis from dieting. (Bradbury 45) This was used to describe how thin Mildred’s body was.
Simile: ...her flesh is like white bacon. (Bradbury 46), describing how white and dry her skin was.
Inference: As Guy stated “He could remember her no other way.” This means that Mildred often doesn’t eat well and is possibly like that because she is too busy watching TV to remember to eat. Prediction: Guy will quit his job as he no longer enjoys burning books, but instead hates it
Observation: Mildred doesn’t listen to a word that Guy says. This shows an unhealthy relationship.
Question: Why does Mildred not listen to Guy? Answer: She is too busy with other things to care about
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(Bradbury 56) This is used to give the idea that a book is a weapon that can harm you, which reinforces why society, themselves, took the books away,
Metaphor: They were given a new job, as custodians of our peace of mind/ (Bradbury 56) This metaphor describes how firemen keep the “peace of mind” by cleaning up (getting rid of books).
Inference: Society brainwashed themselves into thinking that they are happy and must burn books to remain happy after ignorance is bliss. Definition: Titillation is to excite (another) pleasurably, superficially or erotically.
Inference: Society is afraid to feel sad or bad so they eliminate emotions along with evidence of it such as books
Metaphor/Inference: Mildred represents the corrupt society since she is the epitome of everything that the rest of society do and is the opposite of Clarisse.
Metaphor: You can’t build a house without nails and wood. (Bradbury 58) A metaphor supporting the fact Clarisse couldn’t have become what she did if her family wasn’t like that too and gave her the “materials” to become like that. Definition: Bestial is to be of or like an animal or animals.
Inference: Society created a false sense of security and bliss in a world where they destroyed anything
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(Bradbury 59) The metaphor describes that the wanting to read books is something you can’t get off your mind until you “scratch it”.
Inference: Beatty has read many books in order for him to know the basics of books.
Inference: Houses have surveillance systems inside them.
Character: Montag has immensely developed as a person and character by deciding to quit his job as a fireman.
Inference: People who read books go to an asylum because they can’t handle living in society after knowing the truth. Prediction: Montag is going to show Mildred the book he hid.
Inference: People are afraid of dealing with the truth not just books.
Metaphor: We are heading right for the cliff. (Bradbury 63) This metaphor describes how they need to wake up and realize what's going on before things go wrong.
Observation: Montag showed Mildred the twenty books he hid. In my opinion, this is extremely shocking because I knew he hid one but twenty?! I wonder if he started to steal them after or before he met Clarisse.
Question: Why is Beatty back? Answer: Perhaps he remembered that Guy was hiding books and came to burn them.
Question: What is the purpose of the fact that Montag read? Answer: It is used as evidence to prove Beatty’s point, that they mean nothing,
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