Summary Of Robert Frost's Mending Wall

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Larkin McDaniel
Questioning Traditions

Put yourself in the speaker's position while reading “Mending Wall” by Robert Frost. Spending numerous days of the year repairing a wall that is not keeping anything out nor anything in. Most people who value their time would question the point of the wall, therefore they would be questioning tradition. After all it is a springtime tradition the two neighbors participate in, and the speaker states that the neighbor will not go against his father's saying. Although you know there is no point in rebuilding the wall you call upon your neighbor when the time comes; it is easier to rebuild the wall than to question the authority of your neighbor and traditions. I believe that the speaker is someone young
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Younger people tend to follow the direction of their elders, and begin to carry on their thoughts and traditions. The speaker sees the wall amounting to nothing more than an outdoor game, but does not allow the spring pass without letting his neighbor know it is time to repair the wall. By continuing to repair the wall the speaker is becoming part of a tradition which he will likely carry on. He may eventually figure out why good fences make good neighbors if he continues the tradition.
Studious is how I would describe the speaker, because it seems like he watches his neighbor so that he can learn from him. His mind wonders to ways he can change his old neighbors mind, although the speaker is studious he does not bother his neighbor by asking why good fences make good neighbors. He attempts to figure out the answer for himself.
The speaker feels that the neighbors tradition is pointless. He feels that the neighbor is old fashioned and incorrect in wasting time repairing a useless wall, but he does not offend the neighbor by telling him so. He also feels lost. The speaker looks to his neighbors for direction and answers. He does not know what purpose the wall holds, but continues to repair it each
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