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I literally jump out of my skin at the sound of my grand fathers strident voice,“Robert Ray get over here now! Robert, Shyanne stay where you are and watch tv.” Mother, has been very sick for weeks maybe something happened to her. Just minutes before my dad was called from the family room a letter had came. As my grandparents started to read it my grandmother covered her mouth and started to cry. Something wasn’t right. Something went wrong , I started to become scared. My mother was a stranger to me, I was to young to remember the days I was with her. I knew it wasn’t long though. Robert and I were removed from her care when we were preemies. We were in a foster home for a few weeks before my grandparents came and got me and Robert. One day can ruin your whole life, I didn’t know that. Not until that day 2010 at least. I remember this day like it was yesterday. My dad walks out of the room, eyes red from crying. He sits on the couch and waits for my other family to sit before he says the news. He sadly says to my brother and I, “Robert”, me moves his eyes over to me and says, “Shyanne, your mother has passed away…” Trying to hold back my tears doesn’t work, I want to be the strong one. It was so surprising for me because I was crying over someone I didn’t really know but how could I not… she is my mother. Now I’m going to be different. A girl without a mom.. Who would want to be friends with her..I thought to myself. I couldn’t hold back my tears I started to cry. I

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