Summary Of ' Salinger 's ' My Strengths '

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Chapter 1 Left Side Journal
My strengths in doing this journal is that I really analyzed every sentence and I jotted down in question form every change I saw in Salinger’s style of writing and the story’s plot in general. I feel that my questions are also a strength in which I cover some broad aspects and also story specific questions. At this point, I struggled with writing a literary analysis about how this chapter relates to my life or life because it is only the first chapter and there are still many confusing points that are left unanswered. In the next text, I was more mindful of Holden’s character development and sees how he grows as a person or try to find out more about his personality because he did not give a good impression from the first line of the book. I don’t feel sympathetic for Holden when he says he got kicked out of school. I don’t feel this way because he seems like he doesn’t even care and what’s the point of feeling sympathetic for someone if they don’t even care about their own problems? From class discussion, I learned that he is in some type of psych ward and this might explain why he transitions from subject to subject randomly because maybe he has some type of mental illness.
Chapter 1 Right Side Journal
What impression does he give us from the first few lines of the book?
Through the brief mentioning of his parents, what can we infer about his relationship with them?
What kind of relationship does Holden have with his brother and…
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