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Sammy Yatim was an 18 years old boy who got on a streetcar late during the night of July 26, 2013. Mark Rogan from Toronto Life describes what happened that night; four girls boarded and sat at the back of the car near Yatim. He proceeded to unzip his pants and expose himself, and a switchblade to the girls, causing them to scream. This caused a panic in all the other passengers, and they began to exit the streetcar despite Yatim’s demands to remain where they were. Once exiting the streetcar many people began to call 911, and the police arrived on scene shortly after, this is when the conflicting issue began. When Constable James Forcillo arrived Yatim was near the front exit of the streetcar, he immediately drew his weapon and shouted for Yatim to “Drop the knife”, resulting in Yatim insulting Forcillo. Once Forcillo realized that Yatim would now calm down, he asked for his partner to call for an officer who had a Taser, since not all police officers in Toronto are allowed to carry them. This is the first issue in this case. If Forcillo had a Taser the situation could have resulted in a better ending. When Yatim disobeyed orders by stepping towards the exit of the streetcar, Forcillo shot his gun 3 times causing Yatim to fall to the ground. At this point other police officers entered the streetcar and Forcillo shot 6 more times. The officer with the Taser then arrived and noticed that Yatim was still struggling and holding the knife, so he Tasered him. The ending to this…

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