Summary Of ' Sandy Hook '

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Julia Grant Professor Rachel Craft Sociology 3210 4 March 2015 Sandy Hook On December 14, 2012, you would think it was just a normal day. You wake up in the morning get ready for work and then get the kids ready for school. But, for parents, students and staff at Sandy Hook, that morning was everything but normal. Twenty year old Adam Lanza fatally shot twenty children, six staff members, his mother, and he took his own life. Why does society get so attached to certain events; particularly Sandy Hook? George Mead introduced symbolic interaction and it helps us understand the results of this attachment society has on this mass shooting. Sociologist Emile Durkheim will help us get a better understanding of why Adam Lanza took his own life after killing innocent people. Adam Lanza, the shooter at Sandy Hook elementary was unemployed; he had difficulties making friends, divorced parents, and was homeschooled. He had anxiety and had social and emotional problems. He tried to return to school in 10th grade but he ended up withdrawing. He eventually stopped going out in public and isolated himself in his room. It even went to an extreme to where he started emailing his mother instead of talking to her. His father said that when he started middle school and had to transition to moving from classroom to classroom that’s when his problems began to start. It affected his ability to concentrate; he stopped playing the saxophone, stop climbing trees, and even giving people eye
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