Summary Of Sarah Pinborough's Fairytale

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No one is as kind and loving than the late queen, even the new queen knew that. Her looks might be striking, but her heart is colder than ice, as she is the new young wife of the king. With her pale skin and her long blonde hair, she was forced into this marriage against her will. Where she used fear to rule her people, because love was already taken by the late Queen’s daughter: Snow White. Skin pale as snow, long and thick black hair that flew around her like a crown. The Queen might have their fear, but Snow had their hearts. It was snow embarrassing her at her birthday party that made the Queen snap. With a traitors hunter brought to her, she gave him one command: kill Snow White. Yet when laid eyes on her, he could not do it. Brining the Queen back a deer’s heart instead, and told Snow to hide. Snow world comes
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Sarah Pinborough, told this classic story that many children grow up with. Except it did not follow the 1937 Disney animation of our favorite tale, or even the Brothers Grimm version, but one that Pinborough made up herself. Snow as a character is earthy and whole. She by no means is the snotty princess people may think her to be, but rather an adventures child who would rather drink beer with slop, then have fancy meals, and would prefer her riding clothes over any dress. The Queen also seems more human, torture by the voices, she feels regret for what she does for Snow, and even tries to make it up to the young princess. The point of view takes mainly from the Queen and Snow side, but changes to other characters for a short while as well. Where the classic tale was meant to scare children, the Disney version for all children, Pinborough story was meant for no children. With a very explicit sex scene, this book is not meant for anyone under the age of sixteen (give or take a year). Where the ending is a truly shocker this re-telling of this classic story, will give you a new perceptive of Snow White’s
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