Summary Of Sex Lies And Conversation Deborah Tannen

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In the article "Sex, Lies and Conversation: Why is it so hard for Men and Women to Talk to Each Other?" by Deborah Tannen, she talks about how men and women have different ways of speaking to each other. She explains that men and women have different conversation patterns which can have an impact on relationships. She explains the many examples of how men conversate between people and women conversate between people. She talks about studies that have been done to show the difference between men and women when they speak. I feel like Tannen is right about how men and women can't conversate between each other like how they would if they were talking to their own gender. I can see where Tannen is coming from, you just view people talk and you can the way women talk in conversations and how men talk in conversations. From my…show more content…
I feel like from the beginning of time women and men have kept the same topic conversations since the beginning. For an example a lot of women talk about their personal lives men might briefly talk about it, but I feel like women can have a long conversation about their lives. Another person that would agree with me would be Bischoping, she says in her article "Gender Differences in Conversation Topics”, “Although Haas (1979) has suggested that gender differences in topic choice may well have changed since Moore’s day, a systematic examination of trends has not been reported” (Bischoping). She would say that there has been no change for a while. Another this would be how be how men and women view their conversation, women view conversations as a way to get to know someone. Tannen said something that I would agree with, “But many men see their conversational duty as pointing out the other side of an argument” (Tannen). If you watch a guy have a conversation he would always point out the other side of the conversation like the conversation is a argumentative
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