Summary Of Sexual Relationships By Ernest Lach

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The novel begins by giving a look into the life of a therapist named Ernest Lach and his journey to becoming a psychotherapist. Ernest recalls the instance that made him decide to switch his neurochemistry career to psychoanalysis. Ernest was a chairman on the ethics committee of the hospital he was employed at and was challenged with the most controversial case the committee had been faced with in a long time. The defendant, Seymour Trotter, was accused of sexual misconduct with a female client named Belle. Seymour felt his experimental technique, to abandon all technique, was to blame for his current predicament. From the very start Seymour providing unusual treatment to Belle; such as asking her to tell him her sexual fantasies and then acting them out. (p. 9) As Seymour divulged the plot of his wrong doings with Belle he explained that he made a promise to spend a weekend with Belle away on a vacation if she stopped her destructive behavior for a predetermined amount of time. Belle kept her end of the bargain and during the weekend away they slept together. “Now, for one weekend, I entered her world and found out that life in the magic kingdom wasn’t so bad.”(p. 27) Due to the slippery slope of countertransference and sexual misconduct Seymour did in fact break ethics code I-23 (Sexual Relationships) by initiating a sexual relationship with his client Belle. Dr. Ernest Lash left his career as a psychiatrist to become a psychoanalyst. Even though he had already done a
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