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Book Review of Shusako Endo, Silence, New York: Taplinger Publishing, 1890 1. The author’s purpose for using the title Silence for the book is three-fold. First, it represents the belief by both priest, Rodrigues and Ferreira, that God was silent during times of persecution when the Christians of Japan was being persecuted for not renouncing their faith. Why does God allow His believers to suffer vicious and horrendous persecution? Rodrigues questioned God on numerous occasions. The most heart-wrenching question Rodrigues posed to God was just before he apostatized; actually, it was a statement to God. “Lord, it is now that you should break the silence. You must not remain silent.” Second, the Japanese government was determined to remove Christianity from Japan. Basically, the government was silencing Christians and anything related to Christianity. After Rodrigues had apostatized, the Japanese officials used him to inspect the “strange goods” of foreigners to ensure the items were not “forbidden Christian objects (p. 176). Third, it represents the silence of those Christians who kept their Christian faith a secret for fear of persecution. Like the peasants of Tomogi, who had to hide everything they possessed that represented Christianity whenever the officials appeared. They were a secret society of Christian. Therefore, in appearance, the Japanese government was silencing the Christian faith, but in actuality there was a remnant of Christians silently

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