Summary Of Sickness As A Resource

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“Sickness as a Resource” In “Sickness as a Resource,” Mary Douglas (1996), describes how an individuals therapeutic community, usually friends and family, plays a vital role when it comes to the choice of medical approach to take. Douglas demonstrates that sickness is social and adopting the sick role, which comes with associated compliance of social norms, is favourable to oneself as well as society. As a result of accepting the sick role, the therapeutic community offers advice on how to proceed with the medical situation and which direction to pursue. Douglas elucidates that failure to comply to the suggestions from the therapeutic community will lead to a isolation and a loss of support. Douglas concludes that all societies demand that the social norms imposed should be followed, although at a differing extent, shows how the therapeutic community perseverance can influence the individuals medical decision. “Travelling Cultures” In the passage “Travelling Cultures”, by…show more content…
As Sull shows, Nevin’s work allowed change to occur and the terminating of any past relationships that were holding the company back. For instance, Nevin closed the tire plants that were functioning below his standards.In addition, Nevin decided to focus from management to kickstart improvements. He fired the majority of the old managers and would go on to replace them with new people to bring fresh ideas. As a result of new faces and Nevin being at the top of Firestone, old policies were changed to prevent the company from losing market dominance. Nonetheless, his radical step to turn around the financial situation of Firestone was followed by controversy and resentful former staff members. Regardless, it is undoubtable that Nevin turned around Firestone from a financial catastrophe making a a greater profit than it had ever in the
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