Summary Of Spark: The Revolutionary New Science Of Exercise And The Brain

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The book I chose to read was Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain by John J. Ratey, MD. I chose this book because I am very interested in this topic. I enjoy working out, running and playing sports regularly, not only because of the physical benefits, but the mental benefits as well. I believe that John Ratey wrote this book to shed light on the fact that exercise is even more important than society already thinks. Everyone knows that exercise is healthy for the muscles, bones and heart; but, however, generally speaking, most people are unaware of the extreme mental profits that can occur as a result of exercise.
Considering this book talks about how exercise is beneficial for anything from being more social to beating
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He laid everything out there on how he felt about how important exercise is. His studies and detailed scientific evidenced really confirmed and enhanced my previous belief of exercise and the mental benefits that come from it. Chapter after chapter Ratey just kept proving how helpful and vital it is to exercise on a daily basis. For one, I had never thought that exercise could play such a big role in beating addiction. I was extremely surprised to learn that just five minutes of intense exercise can be help people quit smoking.
I would definitely recommend this book to anyone, especially someone who is battling a mental illness such as depression or anxiety. I believe this book proved to me that exercise can basically cure these two illnesses and is so much better of an alternative to prescription medication that can be dangerous and addictive.
The only thing that the author could do to improve the book is to cover larger studies. The studies in the book, while valid and meant to represent a larger population, are mostly small and some were done with animals. This could have readers wondering how Ratey can make such big assumptions from the data provided. However, all the studies he covered showed, at the very least, that it was plausible that exercise is essential for peak brain
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