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Kassidy Neely Ms. Moya English Language Arts 1-2 Honors July 31, 2014 Summer Reading Packet 1) Scout admires Miss Maudie for her kindness, honesty and patient understanding of her, Jem and Dill. She sees the brighter side of things like when her house burned down, she said how she had always wanted to downsize; and how there was more room for her azaleas now that her garden was gone. She was only worried about her neighbors during this whole incident. 2) Atticus accepted the job to defend Tom Robinson because he supports equality more than anyone in the town of Maycomb. 3) The kids at school make fun of Scout and Jem because of her dad defending Tom Robinson and her dad being all for equality. 4) Aunt Alexandra disapproves of Scout because she believes that she isn’t ladylike enough. 5) Uncle Jack realizes later that he should always hear both sides of a story before he jumps to conclusions and issues punishments. 6) Calpurnia scolds scout for questioning Walter’s eating habits. 7) Miss Caroline tells Scout to stop reading with her father. 8) Miss Maudie’s house catches on fire. 9) Jem’s pants were folded and all of the wholes in them were sewn up. 10) Atticus can shoot, which shocks the kids. 11) The concluding sentence of chapter says, “but I never figured out how Atticus knew I was listening, and it was not until many years later that I realized that he wanted me to hear every word he said.” Uncle Jack and Atticus were having a conversation about the Tom Robinson case
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