Summary Of Survival In Auschwitz By Primo Levi

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Title One of the natural instincts of intelligent beings is in the case of fear to fight, or to run away; however, in some cases like in the concentration camps in Germany during World War II it is hard to do either of those two natural responses. This issue, with not being able to enact on this natural instinct because of the restriction of being closely controlled, is related to Primo Levi in his autobiography Survival in Auschwitz he was a captured Italian Jew who was able to survive Auschwitz because of how he internally thought with himself to stay alive. The Holocaust is one of the most researched events during World War II; and Levi is one of the, relatively, few who survived, and went on to be able to tell his story. In Survival in Auschwitz Levi detailed the horrible conditions the soldiers lived and worked in as well as the malnutrition he experienced. Levi also detailed his struggle to stay human which, along with climbing up the social ranks, helped him survive; As a result of these struggles Levi seems to believe there is at least a slight lesson to learn from his survival. During World War II, if a person was labeled as a Jew, whether they were actively practicing or not, and was captured then sent to a concentration camp life was absolutely brutal. Unless you were in Ka-Be, the concentration camp version of an infirmary, there were hardly any sanitary places. Even the bathroom which should be clean and at least have clean running water was disgusting; as

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