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ORIENTATION: “Sweet Wild Boy,” reveals a man (Mark Willis) who loves and cares deeply about his family and friends. He could be described as a caretaker, or a loyal friend. Either way Mark represents a man of integrity and character; who tries to help his best friend (David) overcome family problems at home and then though out his adult life, addiction to drugs. Mark’s parents even became involved in the attempt to help save David however; David could not resist the demons of his past and always found his way back to drugs. After many attempts to help David had failed, David ended up at a local hospital where he called and asked his loyal friend to come and visit. This did not sit well with Mark’s wife, who never supported his…show more content…
AGENCY SPONSORSHIP: This group was sponsored by the Arkansas State University (ASU) Social Work department. ASU Masters Social Work department mission statement is as follows; “The mission of Arkansas State University is to educate leaders, enhance intellectual growth and enrich lives.” The Master Social Work program at ASU has offered to start the Grief/Bereavement group with two professors as well as, two students. This will allow for two groups in the area if there is enough interest. This work will be done pro bono allowing anyone who meets criteria to attend these meetings without having to be concerned about the cost. By sponsoring this group not only is ASU educating their students but they are giving back to the community. MEMBERSHIP: The criteria to be in this group would be that the member would have to have lost a loved one within the twelve to eighteen months. The loved one would have been a substance user/abuser. The member would be referred from one of our recruitment sites (see recruitment section). The member would have six of the following symptoms; Reactive distress to the death 1. Marked difficulty accepting the death. In children, this is dependent on the child’s capacity to comprehend the meaning

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