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An ordinary and monotonous life could suddenly be exciting once you decided to make a change. This is one angle on the short story of “Taking a Rabbit, Meeting a Woman” by Yang Li. The short story was written and published in China in 2002. According to, this was the era of change in culture and literature; “Women writers . . . were taken more seriously.” Thus, Yang Li started writing in 2002. The same source also said that “writers generally wanted to lead the way in transforming China into a modern industrialized country” which probably explains the confounding speed at which the city grows on the story supported by the 31st paragraph.
The story was about a man named Zhang Kai and his attempted revolt against the mundane
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It started on the 21st paragraph when the rabbit – which was the only specific signal that will enable them to spot each other – escaped from the cage when he fell asleep on the bus. And then it goes on as he realized that the bus won’t be stopping at the city center then he was able to locate the shortest route but his way was blocked by a wall which was only built a few hours ago. It was an irony when, on the 39th paragraph, the worker said they were “too slow” on working because the wall actually stretched back into a mass of buildings which shows just how much the city is growing rapidly. These obstacles did not hinder him on pursuing his goal of meeting this White Black-eared Bunny personally. Zhang Kai is that kind of person who does not easily give up when he “got a notion into his head” as said on the 15th paragraph. This personality of his was one of the reasons why he was able to revolt against his mundane…show more content…
On the 41st paragraph, he started jumping and leaping across roofs, buildings and balancing between convex tiles as soon as the wall that he was walking on came to an end. It has been a new discovery about him. Although he wouldn’t have this much courage if it wasn’t for that strange woman who screamed at him on the 33rd paragraph, “You can fly, why don’t you fly!” There are people like Zhang Kai that needs someone who would push you to do great things. The flying that the woman mentioned was not just about jumping and leaping as if Zhang Kai was really flying, it was more about doing something out of ordinary; doing what other people don’t expect you to do. And that’s what Zhang Kai did in the story, he’s not the plain ordinary man anymore, he’s now the man-who-jumped-across-buildings-in-N-city and that’s what makes his trip extraordinary.
It was when he arrived at the city center that he realized the worst scenario is happening – McDonald’s was nowhere to be seen. It was said in the 50th to 52nd paragraphs that the establishment was demolished only days before. This again shows how fast the city is changing. According to the 54th paragraph, they decided their rendezvous only two days ago which meant that McDonald’s was either demolished only yesterday or she was only fooling

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