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“Why I Write” Essay In Terry Tempest Williams’ essay, “Why I Write,” she uses metaphors to represent the risk of being criticized while writing, but also having the courage to publish anyway. She tells the audience about how writing can be very risky when she states, “I write knowing I can be killed by my own words, stabbed by syntax, crucified by both understanding and misunderstanding” (Williams 7). Williams uses metaphors to represent that people will criticize whether they know the true meaning of what you’re writing or not. In the example related to being killed by own words, you can tell that she is trying to show that any type of criticism will hurt you deeply no matter how much they know you or not. You can also see from the citation that she is trying to show off an example of courage because it says that you’re crucified by both understanding and misunderstanding and that means that they might just be saying what they are, just to say it, but you have to learn to move past it because nevertheless, people will be cruel and you have to persevere through it. Williams displays in this example that writing is a risky experience and everything can hurt you from the quote, “and then I realize, it doesn’t matter, words are always a gamble, words are splinters from the cut glass” (Williams 7). In this instance, Williams uses metaphors to show that writing is a big risk; she also compares it to the words hurting. Her use of metaphors really captivates this idea of risk by comparing it to a gamble and that the words can hurt by the comparison to splinters from glass which can lead into my next point. You also can see from this citation when it talks about it not mattering and that is showing that no matter what anybody says, you should have confidence in yourself and just publish anyway because there are going to people who like it and people who criticize it, but you just have to have confidence in yourself and put it out there and just write to write. “Why I Write,” by Terry Tempest Williams, is an essay that elaborates on the idea that people will criticize and realm of work in the world, but you must learn that despite what people may think, it’s your own personal confidence that is going to help you

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