Summary Of Texas Hold Em Poker

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As for the method we applied to discover the probability and bet on the odds in the Texas Hold’em Poker, there are two main stages: First of all, we replicate the common conditions after the flop, the given condition we discuss here is heads-up limit Texas Hold'em Poker. In that way, we first sort out all the possible poker hand combinations for one player, figuring out the possibility for each starting hand to form a specific poker hand. Then, we analyze the opponent’s winning probability given the five cards we already known. Based on the winning probability and pot odds, a wiser player could bet with more information and confidence through the whole process rather than focus only on the current situation and decides blindly on that.…show more content…
The program of the project is designed to compute the probability for Player A and Player B based on the probabilities we covered in the tables above in 3.2.2 and 3.2.3. Its purpose is to simplify the process of finding out the probabilities so that the project is more user-friendly. The program we shown here calculate one condition in 3.2.2 as an example, input five numbers range from 1 to 52 that represents five cards that makes Player A' poker hand is Full house, the program will conduct an operation to find out the suit and rank represented by this number. Then, knowing the five cards with their suit and rank, the program will check the validity of the input by counting the number of cards that have the same rank and proceeds to the next stage if input is valid. The second stage of the program is to calculate the probability for Player B to win by categorize the poker types of the input first and match the correspondent probability formulas then to work out the precise number for Player B. Generally speaking, the project has successfully achieved the goal of calculating the probability for a Heads-up Limit Texas Hold'em Poker between Player A and Player B in the stage of flop. It covers all the possible conditions of Poker hand types when five cards are known by single player, and gives the probability to help the player make the best decision in the stage of flop with much more information than opponent so they could bet on the odds wisely to outperform the opponent in the long run. However, the project do have its limitations due to its method as we concluded in 3.1, and the program for the project is not complete due to its complexity
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