Summary Of ' Texas Woman 's University '

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Kenya Freeman
Dr. Moore
English 1013
22 September 2014

Coming to TWU (Texas Woman’s University) this fall for college was a good decision on my part. Not only are the staff and faculty helpful but they are also there when you need them. When I came on move in day I learned that my LLC (Living Learning Community) had a PA (Peer Advisor) and an RA (Resident Assistant). Rachel (the PA) was and is always there when I need her and had never let me down, and even though it is her job as a PA you can tell that she really does enjoy what she does and likes helping others.

Becoming a PA is a way to not only help the new incoming students but also a way to know and interact with the new residents, which is exactly why Rachel decided to become one, “I wanted to interact with the residents and get to know them but not on the same level as an RA.” There is a huge difference between being an RA and being a PA, well at least to me there is. A PA links residents to academic resources on the campus and helps the residents’ transition from high school level to college level. PAs serve as permanent extra resources that are available 24/7; if you do not know how to study or build up your study habits they are there to help you with that. Not only are the PAs living in the dorms with residents but they also share and serve as teacher assistants in the UNIV 1231 course with the residents they are assigned to. The PAs are almost like academic advisors in a way, they assist the residents with
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