Summary Of The Age Of Unreason By Charles Handy

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Business is what shapes and runs our daily lives. Starting a business can have major benefits to the owner, although it is very challenging. Nine out of ten businesses fail due to poor management. The likelihood of this failure can be prevented by following certain statements that were mentioned in the excerpt, The Age of Unreason by Charles Handy. According to Charles Handy, to be successful in a business, you must be idiosyncratic compared to everyone else. Handy’s purpose of the book is to give the reader a better view of change. His central argument is that humans have the unique capacity to manage a business by interpreting what people have to say, being creative and having “proper selfishness” while being conscious of other human beings. As stated in class, the future of job placement is going to be taken by robots. There are many things robots can’t do that we can, as Handy stated, such as being creative and taking risks. Most importantly, we are the knowledge workers and this is what matters in a business.
The key to having a successful business is being different than your competition. The central theme of Handy’s book
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a liberal arts college? One being that a liberal arts student doesn't have all of the skills taught for business. For example, we don’t have a marketing class here. Many business schools teach a very structured method to receive a degree in business. At Hobart and William Smith Colleges there is no degree in “business.” Based on my discussion with various professors, employers are looking for liberal arts students because their way of thinking isn’t “linear”. Employers enjoy the fact that we are well rounded students and not just focusing on one certain aspect. Personally, I would like to pursue a career in business to obtain a secure job in the future. I may consider going to a business school in Rochester or Syracuse in the future but am uncertain at this
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