Summary Of The Allegory In Aesop's Three Fables

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After reading all the fables in Aesop’s Fables, There are three fables impresses me most. The first one is The Mountain in Labor. Nevertheless, my opinion is different from that of the allegory. As far as I’m concerned, preparing well before a coming calamity is better than doing nothing and just waiting. Taking the agitated mountain for example, loud groans and noises were heard from the mountain in labor and crowds of people came from all parts to see what the matter was. The mouse coming out of the mountain is the cause. Nevertheless, I think the people’s behavior is right and reasonable. What if they all had paid no attention to the strange mountain in labor? Indeed, there is no calamity but just a mouse. However, what if there had been a disaster such as earthquake? We cannot predict what will happen the next moment and we are not always lucky. What we should do is to prepare well and act when there is an omen, but not just think that do not make much ado about nothing. It is not a waste of time but protection for people against being ruined. The fable reminds me of the earthquake which happened in Tangshan, Hebei about forty years ago. Unlike the people living around the agitated mountain in the fable, people in Tangshan paid no attention to the strange things such as the agitated livestock and the well appearing cracks which were omens of the disaster in which a lot of people died in sleep. As far as I am concerned, the people could have protected themselves from the earthquake if they had paid attention to the obvious omens of the disaster. However, it is because they thought it did not matter that the earthquake caused the death of so many people. There is no doubt that the death toll would have been decreased if more people had attached importance to those obvious omens. That is to say, we should learn that preparing and acting when an omen appears is better than doing nothing but just waiting. The truth can also apply to our daily life. What will you do when you are faced with some abnormal things in your life? Will you pay attention to them or do just like the word “Don’t make much ado about nothing”? In my opinion, we should prepare regardless of the things indicating what is likely to happen

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