Summary Of The Argument For A Humanistic Renewal Of Socialism

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In this paper, the author is arguing for a humanistic renewal of socialism and is drawing an analogy between one of the classic critiques of socialism and the new wave of science. By doing so, he is endorsing for a new wave of science that is in support of “non- mechanistic nature of the universe”(pp.614)

The first argument the author makes is that new view of science helps in making sure that scientific progress and rights for individual human beings are not compromised. The author takes a historical approach to address the problem in the philosophy of science by reasoning that the transition from traditionalism to modernism did not promise a rational sphere for “rights”(pp.617) and has driven political policy to “social engineering”(pp.617) with no
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First, he looks at the orthodox socialism arguments and then suggests for a renewal of socialism. According to the author orthodox Marxism is similar to modernism as Marx critiques capitalism on the grounds of its chaos and undemocratic forms of organization. He calls for controlling the whole system under the “associated producers”. This is no different from the idea of “social engineering” that the author mentions in his first argument.

Second, the author suggests for what he calls a “calculation argument”(pp.628), applying new view of science to economic institutions. He says that one has to recognize that production processes are complex systems that are evolving and borrows from the arguments of Austrian school that there ought to be free dissemination of knowledge in an economy and socialism fails to accomplish this through its restrictive common ownership technique. He concludes that this controlling for economic order is bad science and we have to recognize economic institutions as working in self-organizing way through disorderly
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