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Summary of the Argument In this brief, I am going to prove to you, the judges and the court, that Officer Raymond’s initial stop is objectively justified under the Fourth Amendment and the New Setonia Statute. Because the truck was old, Officer Raymond’s experience being a police officer, and Mr. Jackson’s making movements towards the glovebox while Officer Billy was approaching the car, this proved there was reasonable suspicion to stop the car. Additionally, even if Mr. Jackson’s car was not a commercial vehicle, there were enough other factors pertaining to search of the truck that made the mistake of law objectively reasonable. Based on all of the facts and the evidence listed in the case, the state of New Setonia is going to win. Argument A. Officer Raymond’s reason for stopping Mr. Jackson’s car was objectively reasonable. Therefore, because of the reasonable interpretation, this proves reasonable suspicion was present. There are many reasons justifying Officer Billy Raymond’s stop in regards to Mr. Jackson. The main reason was because of Aaron Jackson’s loud truck noise. As stated under New Setonia Statute 123§45, the section states how trucks must have a muffled or dampened sound. Because Aaron Jackson’s Ford F-150 truck caused a loud noise, which is prohibited in New Setonia, it caused Officer Raymond to pull him over. Therefore, it is understood the New Setonia Statute 123§45’s main goal is for trucks to have a dampened sound. For the reason being this statute is
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