Summary Of The Art Of War By Sun Tzu

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The Art Of War, by Sun Tzu, was created first in 5th century BCE, or the Zhou period. Sun Tzu was a ancient Chinese general from the Zhou dynasty, and a military strategist, giving him a proper background for writing this book. This book concerns itself with the topic of ancient warfare, and strategies that were prevalent at the time. Many of these strategies are still used; however, they are utilized differently than they were, due to advancements in technology made from 5th Century BCE to present day. The Art of War does not only discuss military strategy however; It also discusses how to lead an army successfully, how to be a great military general, and what attributes are necessary for victory. The book also has subtle references to spirituality and Chinese culture at the time, through references to the environment (ie; Five Elements). The most important attribute of this book though, is one not even included in the book; it is the impact of this book on modern society, and how it assisted the Chinese throughout history. The Art of War was first published in 1938, although written in the 5th century BCE, insinuating that the book did hold some type of historical value. It is important to note that the copy which I have chosen is by Sun Tzu, but translated by James Trapp, a British translator, which slightly impacts the writing, but not significantly.

For his time period, Tzu produces a well-built argument for each of his suggested strategies. While describing the
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