Summary Of ' The Bermuda Triangle Mystery '

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The Bermuda Triangle Mystery

Based on the evidence, The Bermuda Triangle is still a mystery because still nobody knows why the triangle actually makes things disappear out in the Atlantic Ocean, but bad compass readings due to the magnetic fields and Electra fog , pilot error, and methane gas bubbles are the most probable solution to the mystery.

Most people know just a little bit about the Triangle and the basics of what it has done but they don’t really know the real reason for why these things happen.

The Bermuda Triangle is area of the Atlantic Ocean that makes a triangle. one tip if the triangle is by southern Florida, another is by Puerto Rico, and of course the last one is Bermuda.("Bermuda Triangle." Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia)

The Bermuda triangle is known to have sudden, violent storms and strong ocean currents that causes wind patterns that go in every direction.("Bermuda Triangle." Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia.)

It has claimed alot of different air crafts, and ships, but most of the time it happens to the bigger ships and the bigger planes.

In the past 25 years, the Triangle has taken at least 80 private and charter air crafts . “Ships that have disappeared range from small yachts to really nice ones.” A really famous ship that has sunk in 1984 was named the frighten-er and is was 540 feet long. (Quasar, Gian. "The Bermuda

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