Summary Of ' The Big Game '

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The Big Game Brr! It’s freezing cold! I woke up, it was just about 6:20 when I woke up to my alarm buzzing. I went straight to brush my teeth first after realizing I had showered the night before. Afterwards I put on my pants and my school shirt I then scurried down stairs, and I ate the usually Kellogg 's Frosted Flakes. Oh know it was already 6:50, which meant one thing. I only have 20 minutes to watch ESPN. I dashed to living room and tried to turn on the television, but I couldn’t find it. I searched frantically. Then it hit me I screamed, at the top of my lungs, “Aima”.

She screamed, “what.”

“Where is the remote,” I stated.

“Under the Rocking chair!” she exclaimed. I ran over to the little rocking chair and sure enough there it
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How much longer I thought it felt like forever before we finally pulled u p at Ohio Nets. Since we had not had dinner we debated over whether we should get something from the concession stand. After a couple minutes of bickering my family decided to get some hotdogs and chips. I ate my dinner, I and walked over to talk to my other teammates. We talked about school and other sports, but then finally started talking about the real topic which was the game. The team that we would face would be very lanky and masculine. They were also athletic,as well as us. But the real question would we be able to keep up with their pace and be able to defend their height.
As warm ups started I began to feel a weird feeling in my stomach. I had never been affected by the people around but I guess now I was actually scared. After warm ups we huddled up we were given a quick speech,and told us that we did not need to be as physically gifted as they were but we needed to be able to have the heart to overcome the challenge. The game began we started of in a hole. The team was winning 10-4. They were not better than us they just were getting in our heads, and making us make the wrong decisions.I sighed in disbelief when a boy named Ethan on my team accidently shot on the other team 's basket. At halftime it was 23-14 with us losing. We were all looking down in the dumps. Since everyone didn’t look to happy I tried to cheer them up,but that didn’t work.
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