Summary Of ' The Bird Lady '

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Joshua Samuel 7/31/14

The Bird Lady.

Old stuff aren 't just said to be old, it 's the new stuff that makes it old. Even to a girl in an orphanage seeing new things make me feel young and happy. A white lotus might bring a smile on a poor man 's face and the world will seem to be in order. However, the main focus is on something that is old. Never did I have an interest in something like this but because of an old lady, I do now.

The sun shined bright when I was walking on a sidewalk to a park. My normal routine and activities laid aside as I held my half eaten sandwich and walked up the steps to the abandoned park. There was a plastic playground and a sandbox that was full of sand as if not used. I shivered as the wind blew and I saw a really big acorn tree. The grass was turning yellow and I looked past the tree to see the pond. The pond was clear as I stood and saw my reflection. I crouched down and as usual, I took my sandwich out and tore a piece and threw it in the water. In five minutes time, ducks started to appear and eventually I ran out of food to give them. As I brushed my hands and stood up, I looked behind me and there was a little boy behind me. At first the boy scared me because I thought it was an oversized duck that didn 't get his share of the sandwich but I felt nogalstic when he said something.

"What are you doing?" he asked innocently. I replied to him smiling, "Feeding the ducks." He looked at me again and said, "Why?"

Something felt
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