Summary Of The Boogeyman

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Many people have or have had a fear whether it’s a fear if the dark, clowns, or heights. Most fears are in your head and are psyching you out and some even are imaginary, but are used to scare you. One thing that people, mostly children, are, or have been afraid of is the Boogeyman. The Boogeyman although imaginary, is based on a real story. It is linked with one of the most horrible killers, Albert Fish, from the 1800s. A much better description of the Boogeyman and why we have fears are explained in The Boogeyman by Stephen King and in What’s the Boogeyman?, a scientific American article. Novelist, Stephen King in his gothic short story, The Boogeyman, suggests that even though it may be scary, you need to overcome your fear. He supports his claim by telling the story of a man, Lester Billing, who was accused of his three children’s death, and was afraid of the Boogeyman. In the story just before each of his children had died, they shouted, The Boogeyman, and everytime Lester went to see his child, the closet would be slightly cracked open. Lester knew that something from the closet was the cause of his children’s deaths, but never did anything about it. Also, after the incidents, he would keep closets and doors shut because he was scared of the Boogeyman returning. Finally, after going to a therapist, Lester comes face to face with the Boogeyman, who was disguised as Dr.Harper, the therapist. King’s purpose is to inform the reader that if you don’t overcome a fear,

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