Summary Of The Book 'All The Boys I' Ve Loved Before

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Have you ever been in love? Lara Jean in to All The Boys I've Loved Before by, Jenny Han, Has been in love 5 times. In the book, Lara has many differennt personalities and charactoristics. If I had to choose three, I would choose, lovestruck, independent, and caring. While Lara Jean has many personalities, she is mostly lovestruck, independent, and caring. Lara Jean is lovestruck throuout the book. In the beginning she talks about ever loveing five boys. One of these boys happens to be her sisteres boyfriend who turns into her ex-boyfriend when she goes to college. Another boy is named, Peter pretends to date Lara when Lara's love letteres get sent out. Lovvestruck is one of lara's stronger personalities. Lara jean could also be described
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