Summary Of The Book ' Gaia ' By Caragh M. O ' Brien

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BirthMarked Notes Plot Summary Birthmarked is a novel by writer Caragh M. O 'Brien. In this novel, Gaia is a midwife who has just delivered her first solo baby. When Gaia returns home, she discovers that her parents have been arrested by the Enclave, for unknown crimes. When Gaia hears rumours of her parents execution for their crimes, she sneaks into the Enclave to speak with her mother for one last time. However, on the way to find her mother, Gaia witnesses the execution of a pregnant woman and finds herself obliged to save the child. Gaia is quickly arrested and interrogated, where she is forced to choose between betrayal of her family and death. Gaia Stone has just turned sixteen, the age where the Enclave allows children to go into their own profession. Gaia has studied midwifery from her mother. As the novel opens, Gaia is delivering her first child. The child, a girl, is the mother 's first, making it that much more emotional for the mother, for Gaia to have to advance it to the Enclave. Gaia does her duty, however, because she is a loyal citizen serving the Enclave. As Gaia makes her way home she runs into Old Meg, her mother 's assistant. Old Meg tells Gaia that her parents have been arrested. Old Meg is going to the Dead Forest out of fear that she will be arrested next. Old Meg encourages Gaia to go with her, but Gaia refuses to leave without her family, Old Meg gives her a small bag that her mother wanted her to have. Gaia ties the bag to her thigh under her

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