Summary Of The Book 'Ironclad' By Hajo Hol

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Hajo Holborn once said, “History gives answers only to those who know how to ask questions.” I am involved in many activities at school, some more enjoyable than others. But, one of my favorite educational activities is Social Studies. I find history intriguing because I want to understand why people acted the way they did. First, I enjoy reading about history. A book I read was called Ironclad. This is a historical fiction book about a young sailor aboard the USS Monitor. I liked the detail in the book because it showed what it would have been like to be in the heat of battle with the deafening explosions of the guns and the shouting of the men as they reloaded. Another book I liked was called Civil War Stories. It is a collection of short fictional stories about the war. This book helped me understand that this war was not just war between the states, but a war of brothers against brothers. Lastly, I enjoyed a book called Shipwrecks on the Jersey Shore. In the book the stories of the shipwrecked sailors and passengers are told from the first to the most recent. The book helped me understand what it would have been like for those in the…show more content…
Last summer I visited to Golden Spike National Historic Site where they completed the Transcontinental Railroad. I hiked along the abandoned grade of the railroad which went through large cuts and over giant fills. Another location that I have visited is Steamtown where they repair and run old trains. It was fascinating to walk around the yard, watch the locomotives move around, and to see what they would have looked and sounded like to see them in their hay day. Gettysburg was another interesting location I have been to. Walking on Little Round Top and exploring the Devil’s Den really make the descriptions in books and textbooks more vivid. Visiting historical locations helps bring them to life and make a persons experience more
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