Summary Of The Book Of Unknown Americans

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In the novel, The Book of Unknown Americans, Chirstina Heriauvez uses the characterization of Alma to depict an immigrant's´ journey in America to unravel the truth about the dark side of assimilating. The novels demonstrates that immigrants´ are filled with hope at the prospect of starting someplace new which often blinds them to believing that their new place will be better than their current situation. It can easily be impacted by racism, intolerance and the mistreatment of others. Alma travels to America, in search of a speedier recovery for her daughter, Maribel who suffered an extreme brain injury after she fell three stories from a ladder. Maribel accident makes Alma often feel guilty, since she believes that if she payed more attention to her, Maribel would not have fallen from the ladder. Her family leaves the comfort of Mexico and goes to the United States for higher quality medical care. Alma knows that her family had ¨bundled up our old life and left it behind, then hurdled into a new one with only a few of our things, each other and hope¨ (Henriquez 6). Focusing on her daughter's health, Alma reluctantly leaves her hometown in Mexico to move to Delaware. Alma has ¨bundled up¨ her old life, to attempt to focus on her new one. She is leaving her life behind to grow in her new one in America. The family is ready to build a new life in America. Alma doesn´t want to focus on her mistakes in the past, she only believes in hope to guide her in her journey in

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