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Cider House Rules
"The book was better." A phrase often heard after reading a book and seeing the corresponding movie. Books and movies serve as two different mediums that both can provide great entertainment. Books, generally created first, are a better source of entertainment to most. When reading a book, people are forced to create images in their minds, imagining what the characters may be like. Movies usually create characters that are strikingly similar to the characters intended to be depicted in the mind of the reader. Setting, plot, characters, voices and even persona (what the character is about) are simply left up to the imagination of the reader.
Movies are very simple means of entertainment. In a movie, the characters are depicted for you. Also, in movies there are directors and screenplay writers paid to make sure that the film is entertaining as well as nearly perfect imagery or cinematography for the characters ' persona that you depicted on your own. Usually, when reading a book and then seeing the corresponding movie you notice the many differences between the two as well as the scenes in the movie versus which were created by your imagination. The art of cinematography (motion-picture photography) dates back to the late 1800s and has since developed with the latest technology, giving the ability to view movies in high definition, with sound, color and sequential order, making movies more appealing (Lee, M., Cinematography).
As a generation of avid…
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