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Cider House Rules "The book was better." A phrase often heard after reading a book and seeing the corresponding movie. Books and movies serve as two different mediums that both can provide great entertainment. Books, generally created first, are a better source of entertainment to most. When reading a book, people are forced to create images in their minds, imagining what the characters may be like. Movies usually create characters that are strikingly similar to the characters intended to be depicted in the mind of the reader. Setting, plot, characters, voices and even persona (what the character is about) are simply left up to the imagination of the reader. Movies are very simple means of entertainment. In a movie, the characters are…show more content…
Such is the case of John Irving 's novel, The Cider House Rules and the subsequent movie, the novel was more detailed and complex allowing the reader to create their own imagery which made the book better than the movie. Some may argue that the movie was better than the book because of the various elements of movies which offered or simpler, but may be clearer story for the intended topic/theme. Also, people who have a rather hard time with concentration may argue that the movie was better in terms that they could not “get into” the book as much as they could the movie. The Cider House Rules is a novel that gives light to the topic of abortion. Abortion is the termination of an unwanted pregnancy by killing the fetus (usually before twenty-eight weeks) before it is able to become an independent life. Abortions take place for a variety of reasons. Typically, women make the decision on whether or not they would like to have an abortion and why. There are two solid stances on abortion, one of which is called pro-life and the other one being pro-choice. Pro-life is the opposition of abortion, and pro-choice is the advocacy of abortion. People also stand in the middle of the issue, which would be considered exceptions. In the 1973 court case, Roe v. Wade the issue of abortion laws raised a great deal of controversy. Before this court case, abortion
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