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Maddy Michielssen Mr. Hyde English 2 Pre-AP, Period 4 Tuesday, October 17, 2014 The Notebook Nicholas Sparks SETTING The story of The Notebook begins in New Bern, a city close to North Carolina’s North coast, in Craven Country in 1932. The story then fast-forwards to the year 1946, still in the same city, New Bern, in the deep south of the Unite States. The story ends in the modern era, today, in a nursing home called Creekside Extended Care Facility. PLOT A man named Noah Calhoun retreated back to his hometown or New Bern, North Carolina at the age of 31 from World War 2, which he was fighting in. He purchased an old, very sizable estate for him to enhance. Subsequently, the newspaper decided to publish an article about his accomplishment. When Allie Nelson, a girl who was enamored with Noah Calhoun when they were juveniles, sees the article written about Noah, she knows she must go see him. Allie is engaged to a man named Lon, but informs him she will just be leaving to go visit an antique shop. Upon her arrival in New Bern, passion and vehemence surge the two. They spend a generous amount of time outside and eating dinner catching up. Allie begins to conceive that Noah had composed letters to her for years following their separation, yet her mother had secluded them from her. Noah and Allie came from different households with different social statuses. Noah’s family was not nearly as wealthy as Allie’s and Allie’s mother, Anne, doesn’t approve of them being in a

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