Summary Of The Book 'Wintergirls'

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The book “Wintergirls” tells the story of a girl named Lia. As Lia lives her daily life she is forced to deal with her ex-best friend's suicide, her parents divorced, cutting and anorexia. Both Lia and her ex-best friend Cassie struggle with maintaining a positive body image; Cassie attempts to being the skinniest girl in the school by throwing up after every meal and Lia starves herself in order to be skinny. Before Cassie died she atmented to call Lia thirty-three time and Lia did not pick up the phone leaving her feeling guilty throughout the book. Lia does not get along with her mother so she lives with her father, his wife Jennifer and her daughter Emma. Throughout the book she tries to keep her weight loss a secret so the won’t send her to the doctor or a mental hospital. Lia adores her sister Emma and views her as the only good thing in her life. As Lia continues to push herself to eat less and exercise more she begins to see Cassie as a ghost. Lia reaches a tipping point when she passes out in the same motel room Cassie died in; as Lia is slowly dying she realizes that she wants to live. Lia goes to the hospitable and begin to eat and rest and slowly becomes”a real girl” again.
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